Beginner / Intermediate


Progression classes are ideal for building and developing your Pilates foundations if you have attended previous Pilates classes or have a solid level of body awareness.


Class Benefits

With Progression classes, you can connect more deeply to your body and mind.

• Increase physical capability
• Enhance fitness
• Improve strength
• Enjoy a balanced life

Build confidence

These classes will show you how to enhance your confidence in movements, balance and control. This level involves more challenging exercises to further strengthen the body’s supportive muscles with components of mobility and stretching.

Go deeper

Progression classes will introduce more Pilates principles and progressive exercises, use of small equipment, and coordination to give you a balanced reformer Pilates workout.

Adapt to you

These classes are easily modified for those with physical limitations by avoiding particular movements or increasing and decreasing how challenging the movements are. As always, we’ll work with you.


A few things to remember.

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first class to become acquainted with the space and place items in the lockers.
  2. We require you to wear socks for your class. We offer grippy socks for purchase.
  3. We provide hospital-grade wipes so you can clean all touchpoints at the end of your class.
  4. We have filtered water at our water station. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle as open drinks in the studio are not allowed.
  5. Our space is a place for you to switch off from the outside world, so please silence or turn off your phone.

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